If you're in or near London, the Kew Orchid Festival is well worth a visit in the next 10 days. We didn't have a reservation and got lucky with a very short queue on a Sunday afternoon, but it was really crowded. If you can get there on a weekday, you'd have a better time.

The flowers are good and all that, but I also enjoyed these tiny pineapples, and the various bamboo animal friends lurking in the greenery.

Tiny pineapples at Kew Orchid Festival.

Bamboo tiger friend at Kew Orchid Festival

You will not be able to enjoy gamelan performed in the secluded garden summerhouse as we did, but apparently there will also be music at the evening Orchids: After Hours events. Maybe you can feast your ears on the pelog sunda scale there. The MIDI and solo gangsa recordings on Wikipedia sound weird to my Western-tuned ears in a way that hearing the full group perform did not.