More on flights

Matthew pointed out that my calculations in the previous post neglect to consider that it's faster flying east than west. I had taken the estimated emissions of flying in economy from Heathrow to JFK, then doubled that number to get the round trip.

The calculator I used seems to give the same number whichever way I ask. I tried a bunch of other calculators, and was a bit surprised by the wide range of answers I got for the return trip:

I think the first two are including other effects beyond pure carbon emissions in a single figure; the Graun estimates them as two separate numbers; ICAO just reports emissions. But I could be wrong!

Anyway, even the most optimistic estimate is a little over 2 years' commuting; if I'm understanding the Guardian's answer right, they think it's more like a decade.

(I picked JFK just for the sake of argument, as somewhere I have flown to several times.)